There I Am

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And There I am

Despite the warmth, there’s still dew
my shoes wet
hurriedly marching
briefcase my conscience
notifications bleeping
a car alarm sounds far away
I don’t really care.
My mind a kaleidoscope of
of another day,
like a magnet drawing me ever onwards.
Sweet sister caffeine,
please, just one.
The park blurs
hands full
still marching
I clip the curb
dramatic eclipse
change on the ground
stopping, retrieving.
Time ceases.
There’s still dew,
lush verdant blades,
A diamond?
A diamond!
All is still, not even a wisp of breath.
The air hangs like velvet,
the grass like feathers.
A tiny drop, perfect, a mirror
of all.
And there I am,
I touch the fabric of the universe,
and there I am.

©Paul Cannon


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11 responses to “There I Am

  1. Beautifully written. I love the turning point when “Time ceases” and everything from that moment on brings life into perspective!

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  2. Reblogging to sister site “Timeless Wisdoms”


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  4. Very beautiful and powerful … keep up the poetry as you have talent!

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  5. lync56

    Amazing poem – this one is outstanding


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