Can’t Wait

Anticipation – Word of the Day


The trail is always interesting, and none more so than the bend, and the turn obscurred somewhat by nature, this time by rocks. There’s nothing like anticipation!

We wait for first experiences, that first conscious Christimas or birthday gift, that first kiss, sex, romance, a competition, having a child, catching a fish, flying, swimming, the perfect shiraz (just saying), anticipation plays its part in the build up to the doing or participating thereof. Sometimes we are disappointed (here I think of politics), sometimes we are ecstatic, but yet the anticipation itself is the delicious part. Albert Camus once wrote: “We need the sweet pain of aniticpation to tell us we are really alive.” For some of us that sweet pain is wonderful, a sting of joy. And sometimes the anticipation is far better than the very thing we arrive at, and perhaps that is learned behaviour, that anticipation is better than disappointment, yet for some us – you can’t beat the excitement, the rush of it. I wonder that there are some anticipation junkies out there?

What is harder to anticipate overall is human response. Perhaps our expectations of others are unrealistic? To return to the disappointment of politics, it seems that the individual one votes for and anticipates representation by, is crsuhed under the weight of the party machine which steals whatever it was we anticipated. The partner we pursued in love did not respond as we anticipated. The expectations we place on our children are weighty too.

I think anticipation is a positive thing in and of itself, the energy we engage in living it is life giving, especially when we are engaging with some of the more creative and positive aspects of life. Anticipation also trumps cynicism, and apathy any day, and can build a sense of hope. There’s always a bend in life obscurred, so dream a little, plan some, and live. I can’t wait …

“The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting.” Andy Warhol

And Carly Simon singing her song Anticipation




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20 responses to “Can’t Wait

  1. This is so real. I can’t believe I never myself once thought of it. I guess the excitement, most of the time ends in the anticipation. Thank you for penning this down.

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  2. wow you are really blowing these word prompts out of the water .. great wisdom yet again 🙂


  3. Just right; you nailed both the deliciousness and the risks of anticipation. But to paraphrase (quite a bit!), I agree it’s better to have anticipated and been disappointed than never anticipated at all!

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  4. Loved the article.
    “Respond to every call,that excites you” Rumi.
    Thank you

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  5. B.

    Anticipation is one of those double ends feelings…. could end up either way


  6. lync56

    Yes it is the anticipation – love the song too – these are the good old days – it took me back to that era and if we only knew then that they were out good olds and today is our good old days now

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