You Give Me Fervour

Fervour – Word of the Day


When the bush comes alive it is with fervour! The colour is rich and varied, the smell is glorious, the hum of insects and the sound of birds is divine. We are currently in winter here, this was taken a few years ago in spring in the eastern wheatbelt after the rains had been the best for a number of years. Hoping the rains are good this year so that we get a repeat of these wildflowers.

Seasons come and go, in order, and generally predictable. But our personal inner seasons are nothing like that. I’ve had long internal winters which have given rise to colourful, intense springs of growth. I’ve had long summers of basking in joy and contentment. I’ve had autumns where transition and change have prepared me body, mind and soul for new experiences. They never come in order, they are never fixed in duration, they are unpredictable. If they were, then life would be dull.

Our inner seasons are indicative of our lived reality, the stuff of relationships, love, joy, pain. It is the complexity of body, mind and soul as a receptor of a multiplicity of experiences. It is gift and loss. It is the giddyness of aspiration, and the sober nature of graft and heft. It is our senses open and engaged. None are negative. Winter is essential, a season of withdrawing, waiting, refreshing, washing, grieving gives way to spring. Winter waters spring. As we befriend our inner winters, we become wiser, integrated, stronger for the journey. Without rain there is no blossom, no juice. As we rejoice in our summers we store up memories that give back to us over a lifetime. Each season is lived and embodied, a respository of awareness. Nothing is lost. Each one gives me fervour, fervour for life, love and purpose.

Currently I’m in an autumnal time of reflection and revision and I’m seeking that next step into spring. I wonder where you are at?

dark clouds surround 
the rain falls inside of me
cherry blossom glows

©Paul Cannon



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24 responses to “You Give Me Fervour

  1. Such beautiful perspective of the inner season Paul. Enjoyed reading this 💖 Guess I too am experiencing autumn. Reflecting, unlearning certain ideas, learning new ones, adapting, evolving…. waiting to sprout new shoots!

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  2. Thank you for following me. I appreciate you. Your photos are beautiful.

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  3. This is quite an accurate analogy. I find my season of basic contentment being impacted by rougher seasons of those around me…a best friend having suffered a stroke and a family member battling cancer. We are never strictly unto ourselves, which makes life the rich complexity it is.

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  4. I am transitioning from spring to summer. Spring brings anticipation, but also a weariness as many areas of focus that require high energy slow down and I feel the toll. Summer for me is that time to rejuvenate and the opportunity to breath and connect with nature on a different level, and ready myself for the energy needed for fall and to carry me through the dark days of winter.

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  5. curioushart

    I appreciate your writing about the inner seasons. I think they don’t get enough coverage. Thank you.

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  6. So beautiful! I love how you describe the seasons.

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  7. lync56

    I like the imagery of our internal seasons
    A nice way to contemplate our life experiences

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  8. lync56

    I love this concept of internal seasons it is very true – thank you

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