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I hardly need to introduce Augusta, and this particular part, the Blackwood River, as it is a constant reference in my writing. It is my favourite place and our true home. I first came here with a close mate, Nigel, in 1981 on a sudden whim, the same road trip which ended in meeting lyn, who would later become my wife. Lyn and I ended back here on our honey moon road trip in 83. And for nearly every year after we brought the kids for the summer holidays. Finally, we knew we wanted to live here so we eventually bought our home here, a place where we feel at peace, and where we feel that affinity with nature and community. This shot is the jetty where the river walk begins to pass the shire caravan park, and looks across the Blackwood to East Augusta. We were on a walk, as we regularly do, and I just loved the winter clouds and how the light played with them and the water, and the colour tones were unusual to the eye, hence the photo.

To return to the theme of affinity with nature, I find that my contemplative stance is richer in nature. I also experience nature as a soul friend, one who awakens my eyes, my heart to the deeper things, a spititual awareness, and one where I begin to feel more whole. Here my senses are engaged and I feel stimulated. Here I am content. so in that sense, I’m introducing you to my friend.

“Find your place on the planet. Dig in, and take responsibility from there.” Gary Snyder.





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21 responses to “A Friend

  1. Glad that you have experienced nature as a soul friend Paul. The connect you feel with her leaves you enriched as a person!

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  2. A very nice intro to your home and family, all dear friends!
    Here is our new one stop blog for all daily prompts so please leave your pingback there?

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  3. Hi, may I steal this quote for my blog? ““Find your place on the planet. Dig in, and take responsibility from there.” Gary Snyder.”
    I “steal” quotes from bloggers’ site that speak to me. I’d link back to your site.

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  4. I can definitely see why it’s your favorite place. It’s so beautiful!

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  5. Absolutely lovely! I’m in need of an escape such as this…to be in the presence of total connectedness with humanity and nature. Sending you love! Xx

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  6. lync56

    Totally agree – this is a mutual friend

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  7. An excellent serene shot of a place where one can relax and meditate.
    We happen to share similar feelings for nature. We all need a friend who listen to our told and untold stories.
    I am very happy to meet you!

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