Maybe Tomorrow

Limerence – Word of the Day



Paul Gustave Fischer (1860 – 1934) ‘In The Train Compartment’

Maybe Tomorrow

Everyone smiles as you pass,
your laugh a gentle therapy.
No one ignores you.
Three seats down, side on
if only I could catch your eye, just for me, just once.
Your energy, your hair, that, yes, that curve ...
My pulse is crowding my temples.
My lungs are drawing in fire.
Surely I will cease to exist if I can't speak your name.
Someone speaks ...
My mind is lost, floating.
"Is that seat taken?"
"Oh, no, no ...
Leave me alone with my thoughts,
don't even breathe.
My heart races, surely I am exposed
I'm giddy, drunk.
But she looks elsewhere
out the window
like yesterday.
I exhale sharply as you leave, again.
The train doors roll shut.
Love retreats down platform nine.
Maybe tomorrow ...

©Paul Cannon



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39 responses to “Maybe Tomorrow

  1. Lovely. I really enjoyed this.

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  2. really delightful, you are venturing out!

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  3. lync56

    Beautiful – I love the painting and love the poem


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  4. MNL

    Love this poem. I can feel the intense yearning as well as the hope for the courage to take the risk to speak, make contact.

    Limerence must be coming up in usage. Today It is the Word of the Day on RagTag Community at . As I am one of the bloggers, I saw that Martha had queued “limerence” up to be released today since 6/4/18 as she does Saturday prompts. Because I saw the word early, I prepared for it by reading a couple articles mentioning Tennov who is said to have coined the term as I hadn’t seen the word before. With Cyranny’s Cove also coincidentally making it the word of the day today, I wonder if something happened in the news to suddenly start making the word more common. A new book or a movie, maybe? I’ve noticed that happen before — that words have a spurt in popularity and move from invisible to common usage.

    If you have time/inclination, can you also put a pingback at RagTag under Limerence? I think a few there would like your poem as I know they like poetry.

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  5. What a wonderful poem to go with a wonderful painting. It’s so gentle and universal. I do like to use pictures as a writing prompt.

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  6. Perfect combination, the seat is taken by flowers.

    The title reminds me of a great book written by an Australian Aboriginal:


  7. That set me into dreaming. Very nice!

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  8. Loved this post so much! A great piece of yearning and internal talk – great!

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  9. You tell a wonderful story. Makes me hungry for more.

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  10. Beautifully penned.

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  11. Reblogged this on Go Dog Go Café and commented:
    Sharing a lovely poem to Pay it Forward Thursday – Go Dog Go Cafe

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  12. The Militant Negro

    Reblogged this on The Militant Negro™.

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  13. Which comes first – the poem or the picture? Beautifully written. Perfect combination.

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