via Photo Challenge: Twisted


Taken near Denmark W.A. Twisted and bent by the winds, this gnarled tree shows tenacity and determination. I hope to follow its example 🙂

let's twist again
the wind crafts and molds
like it did last year

©Paul Cannon (with apologies to Chubby Checker)




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29 responses to “Twisted

  1. lol you’re a comedian too, a twisted one at that 😉

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  2. It’s become an aged and beautiful thing.

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  3. Hmm…that tree looks just like I feel some days (ha!)
    And love your twisted humor.

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  4. Wow! Would look at that! I love it and your prompt as well which is always good and on point haha! Blessings! 😀

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  5. Looks like a mesquite. When clear cutting groves of them, I’ve seen them with branches grown into the ground, apparently under their own weight.

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    • Sadly we don’t have that here, but I get the sense of what you’re relating too, but these have similar characteristics as you noted, amazing behaviour, Thanks yo ufor taking time to comment.

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  6. MNL

    very cool tree! I love how it’s both very tough and yet bent — understanding the wind and growing with it instead of fighting it.


  7. Really great post! Cool verses, great photo and title! Love the tree theme!! So how about a post on tree rings and living through the seasons – some good, some not so good???? LOL!

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