Love is Infectious

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My love walking the beach.

When we fall in love there is a chemical cocktail that is released into the body, literally infecting us with those feelings we call love.

Being attracted to another stimulates the body. If you feel elated, over-the-moon, energised, then dopamine has been released in your system. It works for other forms of elation too, winning a prize, gambling, sport, and drugs. Dopamine is the pleasure chemical.

Intimacy, closeness, bonding, means that oxytocin is in your system. Oxytocin is released when it gets physical, all that hugging, holding, kissing, touching, staring into each other’s eyes. Oxytocin calms and eneables intimacy and bonding. Sigh.

If sex is on the menu, then testosterone is in the system of both sexes. Testosterone is higher in males, and higher in male saliva, it is believed that kissing increases desire in both partners. Sex increases testosterone in the system.

Pheromones, those chemical messengers, also play a role in love, our noses are key to how we interact with others.

These chemicals work at the intense falling in love/sexual leel, but they are also released in long term relationships. They also impact in the four types of love, so that family, sibling, pet, and friendship also include feelings of love as these chemicals are released.

They’re the things I want to be infected with, the things of love, the elation, the focus, the bonding, the intimacy, belonging, joy, and the energy. Imagine if that infected the world!

The Beatles sang “All You Need Is Love” it was considered a trite song by many, and way too idealistic, and maybe that’s so, but there’s nothing wrong with poetic aspiration. I really liked then, Iand I like it now. And I beleive that love is all we need to change ourselves, and therefore, in turn, to change the world. It doesn’t seem that difficult.



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28 responses to “Love is Infectious

  1. Oooooo….very sexual…yet very classy….That’s called ‘a perfect piece’

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  2. love where you were going went this but at first it sounded more like a pharma company ad lol 😉
    Did you get my email?

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  3. Superb! Love is all we need to make a better word.

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  4. Very true, all we need is love to change ourselves and the world… ♥

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  5. Such a beautiful post. When you have explained the nuances of love in terms of the chemical reactions taking places. Loved reading it!!
    I’m sure some chemical must be spiking in me right now..haha

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  6. Wonderful! Reblogging to sister site “Timeless Wisdoms”

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  8. Paul this is such an awesome post! So appreciate you sharing this and all the great info! Loved your lines “And I believe that love is all we need to change ourselves, and therefore, in turn, to change the world. It doesn’t seem that difficult.” Simple wisdom, so hard to achieve!!
    Bravo, Paul, Bravo!!

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  9. Reblogged this on The Reluctant Poet and commented:
    DO NOT MISS Paul’s amazing post – LOVE IS INFECTIOUS! Come learn all the wonderful things that happen to your heart, soul and body (all the chemicals) when love is in your life! SUPER POST!!!!

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