3 Day Quote Challenge – Day Three


Viktor E. Frankl, neurologist, psychiatrist, author, holocaust survivor. Frankl was the founder of  Logotherapy (Existential analysis). Frankl, a keen observer of human behaviour, and especially his own (much of his reflection came out of the camp life) wrote:

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”

I love this quote because it is so encouraging, we are not disempowered by circumstance or situation, only by our own refusal to engage with change. Frankl had to adapt rapidly to the life in the SS camps. First he was sent to Theresienstadt Ghetto in (the then) Czechoslovakia. He was later moved to Auschwitz in Poland, and then to Kaufering (a satelite of Dachau), and then to the labour camp at Dachau in Germany. He worked in camp clinics to help give fellow prisoners mental health tools for survival, and he helped newcomers get over the shock. thus, challenge to change was in his own experience.

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26 responses to “3 Day Quote Challenge – Day Three

  1. Great quote… Very inspiring

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  2. wow he is a huge hero of mine … studied Logotherapy and read Man’s Search for Meaning… what an amazing man with truly astounding mind!

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  3. Profound truth in that quote!

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  4. Soul Therapist

    This is awesome

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  5. Soul Therapist

    What a captivating post

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  6. MNL

    it’s amazing that instead of rolling over in despair, Frankl sought to rise above the awfulness of genocide directed towards himself and his people. The death rate was high in the concentration camps but I imagine he helped a few people to hang in there until the war was over and they were released. To find meaning no matter the circumstance of our lives, rather than letting circumstance define us, that is the crux.

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    • Yes to find meaning and to face death with dignity, he like a few more, just awe inspiring. I guess we’d only know in the moment what we could do, but as a premeditated thught no-way.

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  7. Great quote. Many thanks for sharing.

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