Astonishing Corellas

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The White Corella. The noise is astonishing, they are one of the flocking birds and they come in large numbers. I took this a couple of weeks ago at a local park, you can’t see the birds very well, just a white speck or two and one near the end in the tree (swinging up-side-down), but the point of this video was to capture the sound.

Sadly the city council have successfully made a case to have their numbers reduced, they have been deemed a nuisance because of their noise, numbers, they dig up lawns, eat fruit and buds, and poop everywhere. I don’t mind them, but you know what people are like, they whine about the stain on the roof, the aerial interference, the untidy lawn, the loss of rose buds, the loss of apricots or other fruit. To the point that the people whining about the birds are more annoying than the birds.

Wherever I go I keep hearing, reduce the shark numbers, reduce the corellas, reduce the Ibis, the Egret, reduce nature. I never hear reduce humans, but that would be too shocking! I think Mr. Smith (The Matrix) was right when he suggested that humans are a virus. Yes, balance is important, but we have biased the balance in our favour. When developers are permitted to build housing estates near estuaries and lakes, then water birds will be in those places – does building your house mean you get permission to moan about the fact that there were pre-existing neighbours in your suburb? I don’t think it does.

If you buy a house near an existing airport, the government doesn’t just jump to and move the airport for you, it is likely to send you away with a reminder that you bought the house knowing the issue was there. Now that is not always true with nature. Sometimes the birds will develop new flight paths, or will seek out districts where food and water are plentiful. In Bunbury the Corellas have been around for a while, sadly they will be culled because some in the community call them a nuisance.

We need to continually bring an awareness to our world that nature is vital and we are a part of it, not separate. We co-exist, we are interdependent, it is a relationship, and we really need to value that relationship because it is critical to our own survival. We need new eyes to see that the problem is not the Corellas, but the fact that some people have a problem with Corellas.

Corellas swinging 
TV reception blurred
time to read a book

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24 responses to “Astonishing Corellas

  1. I think John Muir put it rather well when he said: “Most people are on the world, not in it…..have no conscious sympathy or relationship to anything about them…..undiffused, separate, and rigidly alone like marbles of polished stone, touching, but separate.”

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  2. I loved and strongly agree with every word in your post.How the human encroachment has taken up the habitat of animals and birds and then they strike down the animals for encroaching their space. Human species in the more strongest and less apathetic towards all the species in nature, no wonder we have created an imbalance in nature with our mindless acts.
    The way you have closed the post, with your beautiful quote acts as the reminder to the people to enjoy the nature’s beauty in tandem with other occupants.Loved his one.Bravo,Paul.

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  3. no different from what we did to the traditional land owners … we culled them severely! Wise points Paul.

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  4. Oh wow! I wish I could of seen them more close up! First time I’m hearing about them! I love their unique name! 😀 God bless and thanks much for sharing and great prompt as per usual!

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  5. MNL

    Sad. There are so many animals that get “culled” and then don’t get bemoaned until they are “endangered” — as if it’s two separate happenings.

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  6. Lyn Cannon

    Yes it is so sad – great article and good to make it known more widely what is happening here


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  7. Nasuko

    It’s true☺️☘️👽🕊🌏

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