Awakening in the Bush

via Photo Challenge: Awakening


Last spring near Mayanup, one of those scenes so common in the bush, the wildflowers awaken and disturb the sedate tones of sepia that is our winter scape with rich colours. The rains soak into the soil, the sun warms and the seeds respond, an awakening of visual delight, and food for the soul.



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21 responses to “Awakening in the Bush

  1. Beautiful! I love it! It looks so peaceful there, think I’ll sleep there for the entire day lol

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  2. I would love to be there… Amidst the wilderness!

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  3. It has a sound, a soft susurrus of the small stingless bees, of the birds as they flutter in for a feed, of other things, unseen, about their business; the breeze rustles the everlastings, creates a sense of tiny footsteps that run away before they can be seen …

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  4. Nasuko

    How having much or varied color,Nice!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  5. curioushart

    “It’s not easy being purple in a red and blue world, but the flowers encourage me.”

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  6. Ramon Rabie

    The blue flowers are stunning – almost like a watercolour painting.

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  7. MNL

    I love this riot of flowers

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