The Inchoate Life

via Daily Prompt: Inchoate

What is the sound of?

The inchoate Zen koan!


Steps?! More an inchoate mess. On the day I cursed these, they had deterorated and certainly hinderd rather than helped the climb. Some sections were good, but around 400 metres of this and you soon tire. However it was worth the agony just to achieve the summit. Coming down was no easier.

A kind of parallel to my life –  incomplete, messy, no less easier after the climb through youth. Tough steps. But worth every minute and all the effort, and more to come. An inchoate life.



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13 responses to “The Inchoate Life

  1. Life would be pretty mundane if everything fell easily into place.
    The mess makes us stronger.

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  2. 2 weeks ago I went on an unplanned hike. The paths to the hills were paved so neatly. With every step I took I couldn’t help wondering and praising the work. It was such a remote place. And it was a hill..our way to up was so smooth because of that. While our main streets, they are at their worst The massive earthwuake we had almost 3years ago made it even worse..

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  3. Every advance begins with small steps.

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  4. Yes, that’s life!..Thank you!

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