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That day! Moving out of home for the second time, this time permanently. The solemn art of leaving one family to start another. 1983, and the year Lyn and I got married, left Perth, and went to live on the family farm. The trailer we are loading is not a U-Haul by brand but a Coates Hire Service – Move It. But a U-Haul by any other name. Looking back it was a fun day really, and we hauled a lot of gear in a couple of trailers and my panel van, and it was trouble free.

What we weren’t fully in tune with at that point was that we were hauling other stuff as well, what we loosely refer to as emotional baggage. And that took time, patience, awareness, deep listening and support to release. Empathy won out and the baggage has somewhat reduced.


The stored painful realites and fictions of life can be a massive burden if not acknowledged, spoken and released. Carrying alone can be crushing. Charles Dickens once said: “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of it to everyone else.” We can’t carry another’s baggage, we can’t make someone drop theirs, but we can share in lightening that baggage through empathic support. There’s that old saying, that it takes a village to raise a child. I think it takes a patient village, a friendship or two,  to help us see the baggage and to begin to let go.



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10 responses to “You Haul

  1. MNL

    good one, liked this essay a lot

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  2. When I moved from Northern California to Mexico, I pulled a trailer with my full-sized van. Although I sold nearly everything, I still had to stretch to try to condense the remains of my life into those two big areas. Imagine my chagrin, when I finally completed the three day trip and unpacked to find the men I’d hired to help me unload had packed my two garbage cans, complete with garbage! Ha!!!

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  3. Lyn Cannon

    Lovely memory and yes there was a lot of unseen baggage that we were unaware of at the time but thankfully we seem to have gone a long way toward acknowledging it and responding to it


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