Warning Signs

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Photo: abc.net.au

The famous Salmon Holes at Albany, in the Torndirrup National Park. Fishing is not prohibited but there are warning signs at the entry advising people that there is a risk of being swept into the water. Since 1983, 12 people have drowned, so the warning is quite real. But a University of WA study revealed that 226 people believed they would survive falling into the ocean. Well, some have, Lyn’s late uncle Grattan was swept off the rock, but managed to survive to tell the tale. But too many believe they are invincible. One of the features of the bay are the sudden “king” or large waves, that catch people off-guard. These are powerful waves, and pose a serious threat on slipery, wet granite.

There are warning signs in many places for a variety of expected risks and outcomes. These signs are on equipment, packaging, cliffs, rocks, and well, everywhere.

Humans don’t come with warning signs. I’d add a few: dangerous when ego is driving; an ecological hazard, if lacking emotional intelligence 101 do not engage, dangerous if provoked, and so on. We are a complex species, and not always adept at working out where our emotions are coming from, sometimes not until damage is done in a relationship. We can be swept away by jealousy or anger, ego or fear. The rock of life is just as slippery as the one in the photo, and sometimes there are “king” waves that sneak up on us unanounced. Best we need to read the signs, and take care.


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11 responses to “Warning Signs

  1. Unfortunately humans don’t come with warning signs, we have to read between the lines..but I love “dangerous when ego is driving”. I may have to borrow that one!

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  2. Yes take care. Too true.

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  4. Gorgeous !!! I might need a couple of signs .. ‘Dangerous when provoked’ ? 🤨
    I like your take on the prompt -lot of depth and meaning. I better watch out for the king waves that sneak up on me … Surf’s up a bit too much when I am under stress.

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