The Noise of Silence

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Nightfall just south of Marla (South Australia) so peaceful, the silence is powerful.

I often think of noise differently. I often hope my silence is noisy, as a sense of presence, a calm, so that my silence shouts to the world – there is another way. I was once in a contemplative space and someone interrupted the silence some of us were enjoying, and I quipped, sarcastically, “Is my silence interrupting your noise?” Sometimes silence isn’t noisy enough to grab other people’s attention so that they can see it, feel it, and know it. There are times I hope it is an example, as we say of meditation, we hope our non-reactive silence is helpful and calming. Remember the old saying: “Actions speak louder than words.”

With the noise of deadlines, electronica, health issues, discord, celebrations, shopping centres, busy roads, bustling streets, the jarring noises of life can be debilitating, energy sapping. But silence is a worthy noise. Silence is a contempative stance, a space to claim against the heft of noise, and a place to rejuvenate. It is pleasant work, and it is work because you have to work hard to make the time for silence, and to stick at it. But is work that is deeply invested in your health, body, mind and soul.

And silence is the only space in which we can meaningfully hold ourselves and others with an ear to empathy and compassion. I personally find my reflective and contemplative practices increase my ability to empathise, and to compassionately engage with others. For me an investment in silence is the best noise to engage with.



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25 responses to “The Noise of Silence

  1. I too am very appreciative of silence. 🙂 However, one does not at all feel that true silence involves work or time. True silence is effortless… and time and making time for silence has nothing to do with it. One thing is for sure, it has nothing to do with practice or will.

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  2. The silence itself is effortless; there is no getting to it by discipline. Any method, practice, or code, or blueprint of behavior is secondhand and involves time. Nothing secondhand brings real silence. Of course, there are a lot of popular methods of meditation and mindfulness out there… but not one of them brings true silence, true timelessness.

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  3. Yes you can be free in silence. Lovely thoughts.

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  4. Nasuko

    Soo Beautiful pic,it seems Africa(I like):D

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  5. Deb Whittam

    My silence is when I’m exercising

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  6. Well said. One thing let me add. And that is, it has a smell.

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  7. I do agree with you and I definitely enjoy my silence and silent moment of which I sometimes wonder why it bothers people. 😒

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  8. Lyn Cannon

    So true


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  9. Interesting foto. I, being of the other hemisphere, visited Australia, the east coast, once, and one of the best memories I have is the unusual natural fragrance everywhere (in the natural areas).

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  10. For me, with silence comes tinnitus.

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