Branches of Life

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I marvel at trees, they’re the lungs for all life, I call them bio-lungs. The photo shows young Karri trees in the regrowth forest at Boranup, these are the tallest Australian trees.

Karris tend to branch higher than most trees, probably because of their height. But as with all trees, branches are crucial for the survival and growth of the tree, they develop branchlets and in turn, they develop leaves which as you know are the locus for gas exchange CO2 to O2, on which our lives depend.

Branches in other forms like banks, shops, or production centers are all extensions of the parent company. But the branch of a tree is not an extension, it is an integral part of the body the whole organism of the livng tree. Which for me extends to a metaphor about human life too. There are many parts to us that form our living being. Our sexuality, spirituality, physicality, mentaility. But then there’s the application – relationships, work, hobbies, activities. No one thing defines us, but all are integral to our very being, and without them we diminish or languish, and there is no capacity without these aspects of life to flourish. So our branches are also critical to life, and we need plenty of branches.



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14 responses to “Branches of Life

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  2. curioushart

    You inspired me to share. I linked this to my blog.

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  3. another powerful dose of the profound, thanks!

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  4. Lyn Cannon

    Like trees the more branches we have reflects our flourishing


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