Just Typical

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A typical south coast scene, no whales to see though.

I wonder when you last refelcted on what is your typical pattern, your typical day, your typical behaviour (of which you’d best ask others opinion, as we’re a little blind to our quirks sometimes)? When was the last time you reviewed what is typical? The question is not aimed at getting you to change, just simply to become aware. On the other hand, who knows, maybe it’s time to change something(s). Could be anything, from social media habits, to one’s personal morning or evening regime, relationship patterns. It could be addressing blind spots, relationship black spots, or attending to awareness.

For me it has been to slow down my typical social media output and participation time, to set aside the news feeds (and the negativity) over the past two years.

Lyn and I participated in the Gottman Institute’s 30 day marriage challenge, a series of challenges to patterns and thinking and blind spots, a wonderful refreshment and conversation that has been deeply enriching for both of us. One of the outcomes has been to reorder our typical day which was in dire need of change. Not everyone can live in my chaos.

My intentional spiritual path is Christian (within the contemplative path) and for the great fast of Lent I chose to start simplifying my life by stripping out some of the collected detritus of life. I am a typical hoarder. I didn’t want to go hard core like the Minimalist Guys on a set scale, but to meander and ponder my way through it. So far so good, clothes, trinkets, books, have all been culled. Haven’t done that in years and felt great to lose some of that weight.

For me, reflecting on my typical patterns and processes has not only been productive and helpful, it has refreshed and invigorated my life, an, I have a new awareness of myself and those around me.




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16 responses to “Just Typical

  1. lovely way to keep your marriage alive, moving as often as I do eliminates clutter ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. There has to be a balance. I have a lot of hobbies and some could say that i’m a hoarder of certain things. For instance, i find and collect fossils. Telling an amateur paleontologist that he has too many fossils is like telling a scientist that he has too many fingers or too much curiosity.

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  3. That’s a lovely view of de ocean! ๐ŸŒŠ…i pray for both you guys marriage that God will continue to have his way and comfort you all in Jesus Name! God bless! Xx

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  4. Lyn Cannon

    It definitely has been a helpful productive and refreshing – I can attest to the challenge living in your chaos especially for a perfectionist and lover of routine and order – I think we have brought balance to each other – not that its always been easy especially when we are both always right!!!!


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