Cleaning Up The Mess We Made

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I don’t know about you, but there are times when I see news bulletins or read an op ed piece and the sheer negative of the report overwhelms me. Some years ago I saw footage of plastic waste in the ocean and I had steam coming out of my ears. How could it come to this? Such a mess!

Boyan Slat, a young engineering student has one proposed solution to the problem. Slat encountered plastic in the Mediterranean Ocean and at 17 yrs began working on a solution to plastic polution in the ocean. We’ve all seen the shocking footage of marine life snarled in plastic, or the photos of granular plastic which makes the sand look coloured. But Slat has at least put his mind to it. Of course, his proposal has attracted both support and criticism. He has raised in excess of 27 million US for his company –  Ocean Cleanup, but some in the scientific community have pooh-pooed the idea because it is yet untested in the wild. However, some criticism has come from those who believe that we should be working solely on prevention.

There will will always be a need for constructive criticism especially in testing and peer reviewing scientic work, but I wish that the opinionated people who haven’t a clue would butt out. It would be nice to live in a world where prevention was the sole effort in anything, but on the face of it, our track record as a species is that prevention is hard won. I don’t work in binaries if I can help it, and my prefernece is to use both prevention and reactive solutions together. Besides, I’m a born skeptic in regard to the human condition, and I believe that even with prevention methods, we would still have a problem of plastic in the ocean. Some polution is just by negligence or accident.

Even if this doesn’t work, at least he’s tried, and I applaud that. We will soon find out as the company are set to deploy this year. For me, this is a positive step, and the scientific community have been engaged in a new way forward to resolving a mess of our own making. And in my view, a step forward invites more.



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22 responses to “Cleaning Up The Mess We Made

  1. Thank you for sharing this information. I agree that as important as prevention is, it will never be 100%; we still need to clean up our mess!

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  2. Prevention and treatment make sense in most endeavors.
    Medicine…for one example.

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  3. Beautiful post 🎈❤

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  4. you are so right, clean up the mess … it’s a disgusting behest!

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  5. it might not seem the same, but consider the act of cleaning. There is commercial cleaning, done to look good at low cost regardless of the consequences, and there is professional cleaning, done to ensure the longevity of the item, carefully and with a lot of research and insight into the object and how to preserve it.
    We want professionals working on the planet that sustains our life, not bottom-liners.

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  6. Like your flame. Let it reach out.

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  7. Well said, Paul. And we are a flawed species in a flawed world, largely spoiled by us.

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  8. I share your view, Paul. Prevention is not enough. Besides, we have to find ways of cleaning us our mess. This is much more than “carelessness.” We have long used the oceans as our waste dumps.

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