Nothing Can Dim Your Light

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As the sun starts to go down the light dims inside and the stained glass is accentuated, allowing the colours to shine and wash over the reveals, and framed by the darkness, they look fabulous.

It only takes one candle to light a whole room, a sliver of light to reduce the darkness, the sun refracts and lights the night. The dimming of light is not an end, it is a change, a moment to focus the light. Light in the dusk, in the night, before dawn, is appreciated, more precise, much more beautiful. The colour of sunsets could not be unless the light dark contrast occurred. Without some dimming, we’d never see the stars as we do at night.

Sometimes we might feel a bit dim, as if the light has diminished somehow because the struggles of life lay us low, and perhaps we don’t feel that we shine. But it is the struggle that enables us to shine in our own way. I think of the many people I have encountered in life so far and the brokenness many of them have experienced, and yet the hope, the love, the spark of life was still there at the core, just needing nurture, a response, a friend, a touch … just like the stained glass window, as the light shines through into the darkness, the colour washes through, the light shines in, and there is beauty, warmth, energy … Sometimes, without ever realising it, we are that window.

Maya Angelou’s words speak to this: “Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”



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22 responses to “Nothing Can Dim Your Light

  1. :)… lovely encouragement

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  2. Yes! 🙂 Even a little smile to another can change things forever.

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  3. Lyn Cannon

    So true – thank you for this reflection – a bit reminiscent of the Cohen song about the crack that lets the light in


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  4. stunningly beautiful words and shot, nicely said!

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  5. Never let your light dim. I always feel at peace in front of stain glass window in a church with the light shining on me. Thank you for the beautiful poem

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  6. Nasuko


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  7. Jerry Peri

    Strong words of encouragement!

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