Liebster Award Nomination

The Liebster Award Nomination


My thanks and appreciation for this nomination go to Isha Marg of and the wonderful blogger Isha. Nominations by peers are a wonderful encouragement in the craft of blogging, and so I am thrilled to be nominated. If you haven’t been to Isha’s blog, then please make your way there, and enjoy.

The Liebster Award recognises and celebrates bloggers, their content, skill, and contribution to the blogging community. The rules for accepting a nomination are:

Acknowledge the blogger who nominated your blog.

Answer the questions.

Nominate 11 bloggers to encourage them.

Ask them 11 questions.

Let them know you have nominated them.

Answer the Questions:

  1. When did you embark on the journey of writing? That’s a good question. In high school I dabbled in sort story and poetry, then, after a gap I returned to poetry, and with my work I started to write reflectively. But I started writing in earnest in 2014 when I signed up to WordPress intentionally to write.

2. If you could live in and write about any era or planet, which would it be? I would write about living in a future era (sometimes I want to write about a steampunk 19th C. experience), and Mars would be my choice at this point. I’m very influenced by the advent of Mars One as a reality.

3. What inspires your art? People, narrative or telling stories, the Nazarene, Buddha, Rumi, science, social justice, mindfulness, creative expression, poetic imagination, the idea of community …

4. If you could be immortalised as a painting or poetry, what would you choose and why? I paint abstract and I would want to be painted in that way, a blaze of colour to show my energy and passion.

5. Is there a movie you could watch over and over again? If so, which? So many: Iris (the story of Iris Murdoch), Samsara (the story of a conflicted Tibetan monk), Chocolat (the story of transformation and letting go), Babette’s Feast (gratitude and humility) ….

6. If you could meet any author or artist, who would it be? Author would be Tolkein, artist would be Dali.

7. Have you ever been through the ‘writer’s block?’ If so, how did yo come out of it? Not yet.

8. Which one book would you recommend everybody to read? Lord of the Rings.

9. If you could go anywhere and do anything, where would you go and why? Into the immediate future and create communities of creative and compassionate people, I’d want to address the environmental and health issues as well as conflict issues and seek a better future for all beyond politics, religion and any other fundamentalism. I want to build a more mindful future.

10. Who is your favourite poet/poetess? Mary Oliver and Judith Wright, Charles Bukowski and Bob Dylan. R.S. Thomas. More a question of who I’d leave out.

11. How has the blogging experience been for you so far? It has been wonderful, I really enjoy the writing community and so many creative opportunities, the feedback is useful and supportive, and, well, its great to be with others.

Thanks Isha a wonderful set of stimulating questions.

My 11 Nominations are:

My Questions to the Nominees are:

1. Name your best travel destination.

2. What is the most extreme thing you have ever done?

3. What is the most extreme thing you would like to do? Why?

4. Who has been the most unusual person you’ve encountered?

5. What is you favourite poem/poet?

6. What is your favourite novel?

7. Which piece of music is most moving for you?

8. If you could be famous, what would you want to be famous for?

9. Name you favourite movie.

10. What inspired you to start writing?

11. where would you like to be in ten years?

The link for the Official rules for the Liebster Award can be found by following the link below:



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25 responses to “Liebster Award Nomination

  1. Thank you for nominating me. I am honored. I read all your answers and I like number 9 the most.
    Would it be okay if I answer my questions here? I have so much pending. I mean the awards.

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  2. Roda

    I love Lord of the Rings!

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  3. congrats Paul, we have more in common but some of those poets are new to me … must go investigate!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks for the shout-out, Paul. I liked your answers to #4 and 9, and I know that film Samsara about the monk. I appreciated how it explored the lives of those affected by Buddha, who suddenly up and abandoned them for the sake of enlightenment.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thanks Paul for the nomination.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Hey so I finally did my bit for the Liebster award you nominated me for and have passed it on to the community.

    Liked by 1 person

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