Turn To Stone

via Daily Prompt: Encrusted


The well known Augusta water wheel, originally timber, built in the 1800s to provide water for the town and the lighthouse, now encrusted in calcite. A metaphor. If we cease to engage realtionally with others, with nature, with what matters, we risk becoming encrusted with hardness, weariness, compassion fatigue, creative dryness, and we seize up, ever hardening, never moving or growing. A heart that hardens ceases to love, and becomes encrusted with oughts (commonly referred to as a hardening of the “oughteries”), don’ts, must nots, and the bargaining of a negative mindset. What starts as protection of the self, becomes a coffin of stone that constricts. When I see that wheel, I want to chip away the calcite, to release the wheel and let it turn once again. I want to do that for those whose hearts have calcified too, but most of all I want to ensure I’m freeing my own. Only love chips away the stone of a hard heart.







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12 responses to “Turn To Stone

  1. This is so very true! But I find in society it is harder and harder to find people to be with. Somehow some of the time I feel like I am unwanted, an unwelcome visitor. Maybe I am wrong. (is that too self centered?)

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    • No, not too self centered, I’m finding that people are focussing on family, and other social activities are becoming difficult, people don’t want to be together. Tiredness and time are major factors. But for the social seeking person, it leaves them out.

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  2. I might have to use that term – hardening of the oughteries – it says so much.

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  3. very profound and powerful and so poetically written … love every word of it! And your photo lends weight to your truth πŸ™‚

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  4. Lyn Cannon

    Wow what a great article – I love the metaphor and it is so true


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