Rubes, Bumpkins and Hillbillies

via Daily Prompt: Rube

Rube, bumpkin, hillbilly. How easy it is to teter on the edge of comedy and slur. The Beverly Hillbilles was good for a laugh, and so was Petticoat Junction, and who remembers Ma and Pa Kettle? It’s okay to poke fun at abstract characters and behaviour, but I draw the line at belittling people by labeling them with a put-down or slur. I am probably one of the few who refuse to laugh at the memes depicting Walmart customers as bumkins and morons, my guess is there’s a lot more going on in people’s lives than we can ever know. It’s easy to laugh at others, but it’s worth checking why you’re laughing.

For a delightful challenge to stereotyping it’s worth watching the movie ‘Nell’ with Jodie Foster.

I love Plato’s oft quoted phrase: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”



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11 responses to “Rubes, Bumpkins and Hillbillies

  1. great take on the topic .. we are all doing the best we can and put-down labels don’t help anyone ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. and you may ask them to help you fight your own battle tomorrow

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  3. True enough, we never know anyone’s true story!

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  4. Lyn Cannon

    Yes indeed


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