Steam Punk Costume

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(Photo: Maria Berseneva Photography)

Steam Punk is a sub-genre of science fantasy/science fiction, but is more commonly referred to as speculative fiction. It combines 19th century art and design forms, clothing in particular, with elements of steam powered machinery, and other mechanics of that era. It is, in short, a design aesthetic. Steam Punk proposes an alternative 19th century history, and is therefore anachronistic,  often set in Victorian England or the “Wild West”of America. Its philosophy is a combination of Victorian industrial progress and the hope of the 19th century art and literature. There’s a slogan that is used in Steam Punk circles – “This is what the past would have looked like if the future had happened sooner.”

It has been used in film, ‘Cowboys and Aliens’, ‘Wild, Wild West’, ‘Van Helsing’, ‘Hellboy.’ There are elements in the historical episodes of Dr. Who, and in the literature of Jules Verne

As with Cyber Punk and Cosplay, the costumes are a matter of personal taste and design.

I love the creativity of those engaged with the costumery, it fires the imagination, and I can see its appeal. I could look at this stuff for hours.

But my Steam Punk wouldn’t be Steam Punk, nor would it be a romanticised version of some era, though it would be a combination of eras and hopes, and therefore framed idealistically. My alternative history would be based around eschewing violence, all violence, from sexual, to gender, to poltical, playground (not sure if there’s a difference there), domestic, class, environmental, and well, violence. I want to see creative costumes of compassion, respect, care, inclusion and integrity. I want industrial strength love of all kinds. I want costumes that shout justice and mercy.

Johnny it's Rotten
punked, but not forgotten
the blossom weeps




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17 responses to “Steam Punk Costume

  1. I like your Steam Punk vision.

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  2. Politics is worse than the schoolyard, because they’re demonstrating the opposite of their anti-bullying rhetoric, and it’s there for everyone to see – do as I say, not as I do.

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  3. I’m happy to dress in the compassionate justice outfit anytime, bring it on!

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  4. I really enjoy the British writer China Miéville’s novels (Perdido Street Station, Railsea, Iron Council, etc). What he can make a sentient train do is amazing. If you don’t know him, Paul, I suspect you’d like him.

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  5. curioushart

    Amen, Bro! My alternative history is where the rich and powerful do whatever is necessary to ensure the well-being of the poor and powerless.

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  6. MNL

    steam punk is cool. i love the mix of Victorian with techy stuff. Be very cool to see your version.

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  7. Lyn Cannon

    I like your twist on this


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  8. Great post dear 😊😊 I love Steampunk x x

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