Don’t Lecture Me!

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Well, not if they’re good friends, and not if they’re excellent professionals in their field (counselling, medical, teaching …). Education has taken it’s own path in modern history from chalk and talk to interactive learning. TED Talks have offerd a variety of creative learning and engaging experiences through resentations that are more like a conversation than a lecture. While counselling has moved from directive processes to a person centered listening engagement. And parenting has, ever since PET and other more recent forms of parenting, moved from punishment based models to active listening and problem solving models. Former Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa led the push for a restorative justice model known as the Truth and Reconcilaition Commission (as already used in Argentina, Nepal and El Salvador) rather than a lecture/punishment model so that people could be heard on both sides.

If I’ve messed up I really don’t need someone to state the obvious, I just need to be heard. If you can get to my feelings, to my core, if you can enable to express my feelings, I can move one, I can grow, I can change. If we deal with the affective we can effect change within.

If you want me to learn you need to do more than just expect me to transfer your learning to pages or folders as your notes stored by me. If you engage me in conversation, discussion and other ways of interractive learning, then I will retain and learn, because I can value you and your experience if I am in turn valued. I grow by observing and by engaging, discussing,  with others. And, learning helps rewire the brain! Lectures are static in the main, whereas discursive learning and engagement are dynamic and empowering, drawing from the well deep within ourselves. Engage me, don’t lecture me!




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18 responses to “Don’t Lecture Me!

  1. Love this line…Education has taken it’s own path in modern history from chalk and talk to interactive learning

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  2. I used to teach aspects of PET at the school for the multiply handicapped where i worked as a teacher (before i retired). 🙂

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  3. here here could not agree more .. lectures are out, interaction is in!

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  4. So many nuggets in here it is hard to select one. Went into the ‘about’ to see the author of such wisdom … and saw 🙂
    Happy we connected and looking forward to reading more.

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  5. B.

    Exactly… you try to talk to their heart and it’s their brain answering…

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  6. There you go dear. Yes we don’t need lecture but listening ears and words from hearts not walking libraries.. 👍

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  7. Lyn Cannon

    Well said


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