Profusion of Endings

via Daily Prompt: Profuse


Poor Mother My Earth

I strain to rise,
but I cannot move,
I'm leaden.
The pressure on my throat is growing,
I can hardly breathe.
I'm slowly choking,
consumed by a profusion of gases.
I'm diminished by seas,
not of water, not now,
a dryness stretching out across my surface.
Forests, once verdant, my crowning glory,
Icecaps spent.
Diversity lost.
I was an object to be plundered,
no seduction there.
They lusted after me till I was spent,
too late was I loved, 
truly loved,
as me.
Come rescue me my lovers,
that you and I may be.




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19 responses to “Profusion of Endings

  1. yes, the damage we have done, continue to do.
    excellent words.

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  2. Wow, but I don’t know how to rescue you (I assume Earth)

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  3. B.

    Is it really too late to be loved?

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  4. MNL

    poem is very sad. I love the picture, the textures very vivid, I want to press my hands against the earth to see if it is caked hard or if it is dust to crumble easily beneath pressure. The photo brings out the poem more poignantly, and adds a warning for those who still live in the green

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  5. Lyn Cannon

    Wow – love this poem – very challenging


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  6. Yes the damage we have done and continue to do so.Very similar thought to my man the imperfectionist poem.Loved reading this one

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