Life Isn’t Black And White!

via Daily Prompt: Silhouette


Locomotive tender, part of the Gwalia Museum, makes a classic silhouette against the light. We could talk about the merits of silhouettes, or the creativity of black and white photographs. But I’m drawn to the grey.

There’s talk everywhere about colouring within lines, following numbers, obeying laws, sticking to the unwritten rules we all “know”, doing it right, being a “good” citizen. Rules and laws are black and white, literally – print on paper or, as folk lore, mores, they are etched in the community psyche, but one needs discernment to navigate life, one needs to appreciate and savour, even learn to trust the grey. The movie Inception illustrates this perfectly as it has no heroes or villains, each character has to deal with their own subconscious, and their own shaddow. Inception is an abstraction of what real life is actually like, but we all take moral positions and justify them, black and white, but the reality is life is beyond our controls and manys the time our rules don’t fit, don’t work, and we have to find another way through.

Life is a series of relational encounters where we flex and compromise and move, sometimes in a direction we’d never thought we would or could go. A bit like dancing. In this dance of life I live by two main principles, loving my neighbour as myself, and doing no harm, I’m not perfect, but these two principles even roughly applied help me navigate the stultifying black and white and live into the grey of reality. Grey is relational, affective, heart over mind. Black and white are sharp polarities, divided, forceful, demanding. Grey is softer, warmer, blended, forgiving, neutral, open.

I like my silhouette, but it is softened by the grey. Live into and appreciate the grey.



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35 responses to “Life Isn’t Black And White!

  1. Well said. In the dance of life I try to keep my balance as I trip over my feet along the way.

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  2. More grey, more color in a way.

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  3. Yes, Paul, we often try to live up to, even BE, ideals; but that is not who we are. We are so much more. Viscous, dynamic, many shades!

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  4. Great wisdom, love the grey 🙂

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  5. I love the grey too!!! Nice photo as well!

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  6. Love the analogy to dancing..flex and compromise and move..isn’t it the truth that the strongest relationships are those that can dance! Great principles to live by, very uncomplicated.

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  7. Love the way you applied what SHOULD be so simple into our daily life. Nice.

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  8. The two principles by which you live are the best. Bravo!

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