via Daily Prompt: Tardy

Photo from expobermuda.com


I believe that tardy actually refers to the behaviour of the Tardis. When the Dr. plots a rough time course, the Tardis rarely gets there, and instead arrives somewhere else, or, if in the right place at a differnt time period. In fact, this is the only consistent behaviour the Tardis can manage. So perhaps the dictionary is wrong, perhaps tardy means “make like a Tardis” and miss your mark! Onwards to Gallifrey, but I guess I’m not going to make it πŸ™‚ Maybe in the next aeon.




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26 responses to “Tardy

  1. I like redefining words – this is a beauty – makes for good excuses when tardy!

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  2. MNL

    You may make it before you left which could be handy.

    Do those blue police boxes still exist or are they a thing of the past like phonebooths?.

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  3. Fun pic and piece. I recognize you now, Word Doctor. Have fun zipping about in time and space and don’t worry about being tardy for whenever, wherever you are is just the right place and you are right on schedule.

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  4. Ahaha! You’re too good!

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