Daily Prompt: Strategy

via Daily Prompt: Strategy

This movie clip (Raiders of the Lost Ark) is just a slice of the scene I really love. His friend Sallah asks: “Indy, what’s your plan?” And Indy replies: “Plan, I don’t know, I’m making this up as I go along” which I suspect was a Hollywood in-joke. But it works for me, because I tend to work by an intuitive process. I worked that way in landscape gardening for a while, I work that way in pottery and painting, and I work that way in writing too. I find if I have a strategy, a game plan, I might start there, but I soon deviate (story of my life) and wander off where I feel drawn, where I sense creative juice, or I’m just curious. I find that I’m very close to “just making this up as I go along” and I’m fine with that, it’s who I am, and I’m rarely disappointed, and in fact I’m often pleasantly surprised by the outcome.




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13 responses to “Daily Prompt: Strategy

  1. I find if I have too much of a plan, a strategy, whatever it is falls apart. If I go more with the flow, things are better for me.

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  2. similar types, I find it good to have a general plan but then go with the flow on the details 🙂

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  3. Intrigued by ‘Raiders of the Lost Arc’, presumably a geometrical version of a famous movie with Harrison Ford. Circles looking for a lost arc would make for a perfect narrative arc – not to mention the silencing of the Australian ravens!

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  4. MNL

    Me too. I start off with a plan but they usually go under as I discover things. Robert Frost talked of the road less taken — but really the road keeps forking as well as random pathways leading off and each time you have a choice — hold tight with the way you were going or explore a bit. I don’t think it matters which way you go — every way has something to learn/discover.

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  5. I don’t disagree with most of the comments but maybe the plan is not detailed enough. Most plans are from point A to point B. Example: If you are driving to the Grand Canyon and you want to see the world’s largest cactus along the way. Add a few stops along the way. And if you are the type likes to explore, add a couple of more days for a “vision quest.”

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