Blink 182 Parody

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Blink 182 released the album ‘Enema of the State’ in 1999. On that album is the song ‘All The Small Things’ which was regularly featured on the MTV playlist that year. The song was for guitarist Tom DeLonge’s then girlfriend, and uncharacteristically it was a pop song, and ironically, their best selling hit. But the video was soemthing else. The video was a parody of the Back Street Boys, N Sync, and takes a swipe at Britney Spears as well. I found it refreshing because I was sick of the unimaginitive pop music, and the very formulaic dance videos at that time, and this was comedic release. I love comedy, especially satire, and this was a fabulous production. I particularly love the blackened teeth when they play the boy band – mocking the perfect toothy grins of boy bands.

For me it is a reminder that we sometimes become too serious about everything and there is a place for humour, comedy, parody and the like. There has to be a valve to release the pressure. In his major work ‘A Secular Age’, philosopher Charles Taylor raises the point that in the Dark Ages all sorts of devices were created in order for society to let off steam, so that with Mardi Gras, and other public celebrations, it was possible to break the rules and be naughty and incur no penalty. We need a bit more naughty and some fun as I see it, we’ve become a narrow and judgemental world that perpetuates fear in order to maintain cohesion, albeit, control. It’s the small things that make me laugh and help me get by sometimes.



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7 responses to “Blink 182 Parody

  1. lol love the way nobody was sacred, they had a shot at everyone … does help to keep our SOH 🙂

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