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Redbank Gorge was worth the short scramble, but I’m not as agile as I once was, although, in my head I’m still in my twenties 😀, but I’m definitely not fragile! As a child my parents took us on country walks. And my friends and I would sneak off for escapades in the surrounding countryside collecting tadpoles or frogs, chasing fish or floating leaves in streams. As I grew older it became more about nature as an interest in itself. And later still, I understood nature to be integral to my spirituality, something our whole family shares to some degree. Whether it is a serious trail hike or a simple bush walk I feel whole and nurtured in the bush, and I do anything to make it happen, agile or not. It’s not about the conquest or possession of nature, it’s about emersion and relationship.



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15 responses to “Agile

  1. Lovely picture. I like walks in the woods, but am slow; i meander.

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  2. Roda

    Makes me want to hit the trails!!

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  3. It’s wonderful that you are out there with nature. 🙂
    I used to climb a lot of rocks, fossil-hunting, but not so much now that i’m older; plus a lot of the quarries won’t let people in like they used to (due to liability issues, etc.).

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  4. symbiotic … nature is the real cathedral!

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  5. And to truly be immersed in the sense of the earth breathing, is to take a moment to stop, to hear all the living things in the place, even the rocks, with a voice as slow as eons.

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  6. MNL

    I love that “it’s about emersion and relationship.”

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