A Study In Sadness

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Yes it’s old, perhaps struggling to function on the day it was abandoned (which I think was around Boxing Day), punished by its owner, or at the very least, by those who stole it. The car gave everything and more as it was designed to do. I don’t grieve for machines normally, I’ve never named any of my machines (I do wonder if the robots soon to be more common among us will engender affection) as some are wont to do. I swear at them, perhaps that is a form of endearment 😀 I can be sentimental sometimes – I’ve kept my Tangerine Mac! But I don’t actually grieve machines. I grieve for life forms.

However, there is a sadness I feel for the disregard of the environment, the fire risk to the bush (I’m surprised it didn’t create a bush fire), the flora and fauna were at risk. But also a disregard for the possibility of redemption, even if it only meant recycling some of the parts. But what I really grieve is the thinking that wants to destroy, that sees no other possibility.




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24 responses to “A Study In Sadness

  1. valid points, I hope they are reading 😉

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  2. Caring for Life forms and going beyond destruction… yes! Good words on Martin Luther King day.

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  3. We went through a time of naming our cars – the Kombi was Gunther, and the Datsun was Jemima. Both healthily recycled, I’m happy to say.

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  4. Very true especially the risk of causing harm to the flora and fauna..

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  5. He looks like he can be brought to life again, but it’ll take a lot of work tho! Truly sad indeed😓

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