via Daily Prompt: Forlorn


Such a lovely place the marina, all the sounds and smells of the sea, the tavern on the deck, a beautiful lunch, great company. As I look out I see a few boats moving, but only three boats went out, another four different ones came back in during lunch.Sad, all that technology, all that cost, all that stuff, just sitting there, aging, useless, forlorn, waiting to make a break for the ocean. But no, they have been left alone to sit, rocking at their moorings yet again, to dream of the wide open sea. Ah, perhaps next week if the weather’s good. For now, just forlorn, alone, waiting, yearning, to be.



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6 responses to “Forlorn

  1. curioushart

    I love your photo of the marina. It reminds me of the one at Morro Bay, CA. I never tire of looking at the boats. Next time I see them, I will consider whether they look forlorn.

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  2. lol you politely expressed my disgust at those with too much money to waste on toys that they have no real interest in … forlorn that they don’t use it more wisely to benefit others 😦

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