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How anything lives in this great southern land is amazing. From rock hard clay and gravels, to granite and sandstone, to deep alkaline sands. The tree in the photo has seeded in a shallow crack of this granite rock and it is making its way against all odds. A bit like nature in general, given that we now know the crisis the planet is facing. To be viable is to be able to live, to thrive, to flourish. Via meaning way, ble meaning the completion of the verb to be, making way, living. The way I see it we can’t just be individuals, we must make way together, we must be a network of communities or ecosystems supporting and respecting each other, that is the only viable option for all species. And together we must set down roots of mutuality and turn the tide. Together we can make a way.



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9 responses to “Viable

  1. great take on viability … I sincerely believe we can only do it by connecting through communities as you say ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. this is nice Paul. very positive

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  3. Too many do not care enough about the environmental crisis that this planet is in. We called the electric company today to complain about how their newsletter stated how wonderful it was that environmental regulations have been lifted regarding their energy sources. They said that those concerned about the environment are a minority in our area. Unbelievable!

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