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It’s hard to explain, but for me it was a treat to see ancient indigenous paintings at Uluru on two of our visits. There is something about the self encountering the work of a community from a different time. To think that hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago someone painted this story or series of stories for us to enjoy and learn from now, and into the future. It was real treat just to see it and experience th efact that this was ancient, this was created by a person so long ago, this was part of a meaning for a culture so long ago. A treat and a privilege. But it also made me wonder – what will I leave for future generations, what impression will I leave, what will they learn from me? What is my gift?



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  1. I also consider it a treat or privilege to view the ancient cultural traditions of our First Nation people … your blog will last just as long and your photos and comments will please!

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  2. Such wonders! Communication is such a basic human need.

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  3. hmmmmm. Good question.

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    • But from my perspective, and hopefully not imposing here, you are leaving your very self as gift in your writing?

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      • Bits and pieces, but never too much.

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      • But something πŸ™‚

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      • And just like the cave stories, will anyone who finds them, if they are ever found, understand what it meant in terms of culture and history? Or will they appear to be random scrabbles that perplex and intrigue – or not?
        Some of the cave drawings near where I grew up were still in use as ‘hunting’ maps, showing which way to go for what tucker and in what season (and when it was dangerous due to lack of water). Some of the drawings were beyond the understanding of the people I knew, but they always greeted the story and the storyteller with the appropriate local ‘nod’ of recognition and respect. I hope one day the original Australians will be able to re-establish the links to these stories. I hope to be able to listen to them as they’re told to a new generation.

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      • Yes, I love that desire for the original Australians to reconnect, I feel sad they have lost languages and connection across Australia. When we were in Alice last we learned that the local aboriginal peoples were maintqaining their language and at school too, which was positive. Yes Iwonder if anyone will make sense of it all.

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  4. Wow! I love stuff like that!!!

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  5. Awesome indigenous art! πŸ™‚
    Personally, one feels that the best gift for future generations is to stay local and not pollute the air that they and their children will be living in with fossil fuel emissions.

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