Do You Have a Reservation?

via Daily Prompt: Reservation


This grumpy horse didn’t have a reservation for lunch, but he tried to stop us going in and tried to bite Geoff (because I pushed the horse out of the way, instant karma), and he seemed to want to come in. The owner, the barmaid went out to sweet talk him (not Geoff, the horse), and by the time we’d finished and headed back out he’d moved down a bit. Apparently he hadn’t been fed and had come looking for a feed. No wonder he was grumpy.

On Boxing Day we all went to a well known winery to see if we could get lunch, we didn’t have a reservation, we thought we’d wing it (many other places were closed, so the pressure was on). We arrived and, predictably,  the place was packed, and I wasn’t too confident there was a spare table. But the waiter said there was one table for our size group, the last one (Phew!), and it took my breath away, because the place was busy and there were people still arriving behind us at the door. It was a fabulous lunch and time together.

And for me that’s more what life is really like, you can’t always reserve everything, you can’t be certain of everything, or have everything controlled and managed. The point of life for me is in just showing up and seeing what happens, and often there’s a surprise. I have no reservations, but I do have an intention of showing up, and I suppose there will be a few challenges, a few grumpy horses to push aside.




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6 responses to “Do You Have a Reservation?

  1. I think the horse just wants company.

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  2. lol love your last sentences, some great advice there 🙂

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  3. Must say you got lucky to get that table on such a busy day. But the way you have turned the story around to weave a beautiful lesson in life is commendable.

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