Cosy Corner

via Daily Prompt: Cozy

S4300083 4.jpg

Looking down the beach just below Cosy Corner along the Leeuwin/Naturaliste Cape. Cosy Corner is hardly cozy, it is an open and wind swept scape, and its waves are persistent and strong. The irony is that just behind me is another bay called Foul Bay which is quite cosy. I suppose it depends on the person and the day as to how names are appended (naming children for example). I guess it also depends, equally, how we judge others. The double irony of judging the judgement of others, a constant cycle of outwitting ourselves, telling ourselves that we’re somehow better, more right, more deserving. I say just let life be the irony it is. Cosy Corner and Foul Bay are what they are, and perhaps the misnaming is helpful in that, by default, it accentuates the truth. A bit like Picasso’s comment that those who copied his works were not to be feared because they pointed to him anyway. Truth will out, eventually.



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4 responses to “Cosy Corner

  1. Beautiful place. I love to read your comments.

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  2. Great message here with a great analogy to the two bays. Happy New Year to you and your family, Paul.

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