Urinal Genesis

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I confess I took this photo, but I made sure I was alone πŸ™‚

It is, from memory, the only surviving working urinal in Perth that is an Art Deco work, and an amazing piece for many reasons, not least the semi dividers for privacy that no longer exist in public toilets. This one is well known and belongs to a cinema, also an art deco treasure. So differnet to plain stainless steel. Note the pull chain cistern, still available even today in modern forms, but a childhood memory for most of us of a certain age.




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6 responses to “Urinal Genesis

  1. lol and people were not keen on my post about squat loos … art deco urinals, what next πŸ˜‰

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  2. MNL

    I admit I was going to skip this one because,you know…urinals? but the word Art Deco caught my eye so I ended up reading. I never would have thought of it as something to be nostalgic over or the changing fashions of male urinals (being female, i did not know men’s rooms had changed over time). It’s an interesting read. Made me realize that the stall walls between women have gotten shorter too — they used to reach to the ground so you couldn’t see the other person’s shoes. Nowadays, movies had made comedy about the fact that you can see the feet in the next stall. Interesting to think as the mores of privacy has changed, so has the fashion in movie restrooms/loos. Either that or theater owners have gotten cheaper in buying restroom fixings.

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    • I think it’s both fashion and cost. The Europeans seem to be all in together, a different fashion, but yes, the Art Deco was the hook for this one. Such an amazing era. The stalls in this one went to the ground too. Thanks for reading.

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