Boxing Day Proclivity

via Daily Prompt: Proclivity


Well everyday really. But today was a day for all of us to get out and into nature. This is the spot where two oceans meet, the Southern ocean and the Indian Ocean, on our south west corner, salt water meets fresh water, oceans meeting, rich ecological interconnections, a great place to be. There is (I read it somewhere) a tale that speaks of where two oceans meet being the safe place when nature is in danger. I’m glad I have that proclivity for nature, and tales, that has lead me here, it’s a leaning that has refreshed and inspired me time and again. Today was just that, refreshing.




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13 responses to “Boxing Day Proclivity

  1. beautiful spot. Looks peaceful.

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  2. Ohhh so beautiful!!! 😍✨✨ you live near there? I so wanna visit where the two oceans meet!!!

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  3. Thank you for inspiring me to learn a little more about Australia’s geography, Paul. Curious, I discovered photos and a brief description of Cape Leeuwin. Your beautiful photo looks more remote and closer to nature.

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    • Ah, it is a tourist spot but yet relatively isolated. Glad to have sparked your interest Carol, I love the interaction across the world for that very reason, such a wonderful community to learn from.

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  4. Very beautiful picture.
    Thank you for sharing

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  5. MNL

    wow, that place looks lovely. love the rocks against the blue sea and sky

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