Not Torn

via Daily Prompt: Torn


Looks like torn or pulled meat. Eucalyptus bark is never torn though, it falls from the tree like streamers, usually in autumn, but some in winter too. The bough is then freshly exposed, glossy, youthful skin shining in the sun, and another cycle begins, the growing, hardening, and then the shedding all over again. This littered pathway covered several hundred metres, and it was a joy to walk, natures carpet strewn to welcome walkers, welcomed me. The rain had softened the bark and leaves, so it wasn’t crunchy like it would be on a dry day. It welcomes others too, there were many insects, spiders, and beetles to be seen on the edges of the path. Later the birds will take what they can for nesting. And this bark is nature’s mulch, giving seedlings a start in life. It’s amazing what you can see when you really look closely. Awareness and attending are the true way to walk life.



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4 responses to “Not Torn

  1. delightful words and photo, love nature at her best 🙂

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  2. I’ll bet the forest smells really good too. The photo, is indeed, a cycle of life and also a temptation to be there. Nice thoughts.

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