Miracle of life

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Our precious friends the trees are nature’s great miracle. They give us oxygen in a carbon exchange, they water pump and transpire, they keep salts at bay, hold soils in place, give shelter to all life, are a habitat for many living things from spores and parasites, to insects, birds, mammals, and more, trees together also provide cool air, and they provide a rich resource for each generation when cared for. Really they are a gift that keeps on giving, miraculous, and without them we are doomed.

Although not perfect, some Oak and other species forests of Europe, Britain, and Russia have been intentionally managed over several centuries, whereas in Asia, the Americas, and Africa, deforrestation has been merciless. The ancient celts venerated trees as special participants in community, where ther ewere trees there was life, and the gods were said to appear in the groves which were ‘Thin places’ (places where the spirit world comes close to us). The first nation peoples have long advocated for the preservation of forests, their ancient wisdom knowing about erosion, salinity, polution, and imbalance when trees were disregarded.

Neil Young’s song ‘Comes a time’ and the line, “it’s a wonder tall trees ain’t layin’ down.” It was a rhetorical question.

But more pointedly, ‘Silent Spring’ (Silent SpringΒ Β ) by Rachel Carson sets us in our place environmentally. In regard to the preservation of life, the value of ecology and relationaship with nature, Carson made it clear we were heading in a disastrous direction, we were poisoning nature and thereby killing ourselves. The miracle of life that is a tree needs us to play our part in safeguaring the miraculous contribution they make, or they will be laying down.

The photo is one I took a few years ago of one of our Karri forests called Boranup, which means place of the Dingo (which have not been here for well over a century). Karri trees are our tallest trees (shorter than a Redwood), and these are a regrowth forest, on land reclaimed from strip logging and farming. it is a beautiful place to just be.




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42 responses to “Miracle of life

  1. Roda

    Beautiful forests!

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  2. Beautiful! Nice place to shoot a movie!

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  3. Well written Paul and love the profound message put so politely!

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  4. Trees, I read, are meditative — so, I wonder, maybe good people who died turn into a tree to sustain life on earth. Happy Holidays to you.

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  5. Loved reading your post, the way you describe the importance of the trees, in both the spiritual and biological way, is really amazing.

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  6. Beautiful. One thing I miss by living in Florida is the forest. Palms just aren’t the same.

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  7. Some of my best friends are trees:)

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  8. Beautiful post.

    If we continue to ignore our interconnectedness with the universe we will be “laying down” beside the miraculous trees we take for granted.

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