London Calling

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Avon Calling! I remember that one. Vocational calling, I know that one.  But ‘London Calling’, that haunting song by British Band The Clash (1980), is the calling that stirs me. It’s not everyones favourite, but it rates highly in the music world, NME rated it number 8 in the all time rock collection (2003).


Music aside, the lyrics are the main game, they are a social commentary of the late 70s and the alienation of many from participation and from any hope. The words are blunt, apocalyptic, satirical, they leave no room for niceties, there is nowhere to hide. It still evokes the feelings of that era, and sadly, the song has continued to be a social commentary, and has come alive today, thirty-seven years later. Now it’s every population center calling. which makes me think of Pink Floyd’s ‘Is There Anybody Out There?’ One thing’s for sure, “a drop will come down” and we need to make it a good one.




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4 responses to “London Calling

  1. The times we live in are not fun, and diplomacy is seen as weak. Looks like only war from here to when? Interesting song – lyrics are what make it.

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    • Yes, I would love someon to redo it so that the lyrics stand out more, perhaps a folk song style woul do it. Maybe not war, but it seems a little bleak in politics at present for sure.


  2. cool song. just hoping we can survive the posturing of an idiot threatening to push the button; totally unaware the nuclear winter hits not only the enemy but every one. “The ice age is coming, the sun is zooming in” — I hope not.

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