Relating Nature to Christmas

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IMG_0074 2.jpg

The street we live in is named after this tree, the Nuytsia floribunda, commonly known as the West Australian Christmas Tree. The Noongar name is Moojar. It is hemiparasitic in that it both photosynthesises and is also parasitic – drawing its water from its host plants which it attaches to by its roots. The parasite is a form of mistletoe. Nuytsia always flowers from late November to Christmas, hence its common name Christmas Tree. And that’s how nature relates to Christmas, the flowers announce the cultural season, and the tree does look as if it has been lit up with stunning yellow and orange flowers.



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17 responses to “Relating Nature to Christmas

  1. And the smell of rich bush honey seems to linger close by.

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  2. Roda

    Just beautiful! I bet the bees are so happy!!

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  3. MNL

    love those bright golds. thanks for sharing. I didn’t know about this tree. It decorates itself so no chopping!

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  4. My favourite Christmas flora. Nuytsia floribunda lights up the bush!

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  5. Very informative,

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  6. Interesting and its a very beautiful tree. 💙

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