My Way to Silence

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Since the late 1980s I have been a meditator. I have enjoyed several forms, but mainly across Christian and Buddhist ways of meditating. In the end I have stayed within my own tradition and using a Christian form – the method explored by John Main. Labyrinth is another form, and walking meditation I find helpful, and not least bush walking or hiking. But whatever the method, the goal is silence, not an external silence, of course, but a deep inner silence, a peacefulness, a sense of internal unity. It is the closest to a tangible sense of integration. For me there are real experiences of calm that last long after a session, and encounters with emotion, necessary unburdening as the unconscious is loosened and long buried things can be faced. Strangely, I have a strong sense of unity with others within the corporate silence, so that even in a room full of meditators there is connection.

I find I can meditate almost anywhere, but the bush is my special place for meditation, I find that it is already offering a form of silence unencumbered. The photo shows one of my former haunts, Billyacatting Rock near Nungarin. I was based not far from there for a few years, and on my long drives through that district I would take a break and walk and climb the rocks, arriving at a quiet spot, perhaps to sit by a rock pool or gnamma hole and meditating for a time. The wind and the birds were a welcome backdrop. Best thing I ever did, the silence was healing and energising, and was a lasting inner silence.




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19 responses to “My Way to Silence

  1. Roda

    Just beautiful!

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  2. I’m there with you, a whisper of sand as it rolls down the face of the rock.

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  3. MNL

    I enjoyed reading this. peaceful. the place was a suprise because it doesn’t look like a place that looks meditative — beaches and forests being the stereotypes that usually comes to mind. it’s good to have one’s preconceptions (especially the ones I didn’t know I had, lol) given an airing and thrown away.

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  4. Aman Thakur


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  5. Nice post. I myself started meditation a few weeks back with a group earlier I tried a couple of times doing it by myself but it didn’t work. I guess the group meditation instills that sense of discipline and comfort in you which you can’t get by doing it alone. Your posts have that sense of calm in it.

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  6. Nature, and being in nature has that effect on me too Paul.

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