A Degree of Caution

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When you head north, especially inland, you need to be cautious about a number of things. Water supply, food, shelter, Eperb, and so on. Fuel is the other. We carried around sixty litres spare on board. We didn’t really need it, but at least it was there if we did. The photo shows fuel bowsers, all locked up. There’s a degree of caution in these parts due to theft and damage. If you want fuel, it’s still self-serve, once the attendant comes and unlocks the cage for you. In years gone by some of the young people out here turned to sniffing petrol to relieve the misery. But now they sell a low arromatic fuel that prevents you getting high, so it’s no longer a major problem. They sell diesel too. Nowadays, it’s pure theft, you can hot wire a pump just like a car, and with the cost of fuel out here, there’s a motive for some. So, as I was saying, a degree of caution …




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