via Daily Prompt: Bite


(Photo: Hayden Cannon)

Don’t bite me! But you won’t if I don’t provoke you and try to pick you up. Another blue tongue or Bobtail lizard, sunning and soaking up the heat. which is, in essence, a life lesson for us all. If we leave people alone, if we don’t provoke or interfere where we are not wanted, there’d be less biting between people.



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2 responses to “Bite

  1. MNL

    That’s a lizard? It looks huge! ours are only a few inches long

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    • Head to tail this one was about 16 inches or 40 cm. These goannas can grow a bit bigger. But these are medium sized compared to smaller geckos and some skinks, and they are much smaller than the Bungarra or Gould’s Monitor.

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