It has, as always been a mixed year for us, but it seems that unseen gremlins have been at work. It has been a year of hard graft, some disappointments, heartache, and a lot of pressure we hadn’t planned on. In the midst of that there has been a lot of of personal adjustment and thus inner turmoil in emotionally encompassing change, or best put, dealing with chaos. And to cap it off we suffered a break-in last week and just the violation, let alone the loss of personal effects, has been difficult to navigate.

For me it has been a year of wrangling gremlins. Though, that said, the gremlin induced misery only stands out because negatives always deeply affect me, but yet the positives are plentiful in review, which is a wonderful thing as should that not be, I’d be buried in the negatives. Nonetheless, it has been a hard year. Just hoping I’ve corralled the gremlins for a time, I must go and check on them …



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11 responses to “Gremlins

  1. Leave them behind in the dust, let them wither and die.


  2. May the gremlins stay away, may the angels come.

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  3. Roda

    Oh no! Sending positive and peaceful energy your way for this holiday season and the New Year to come!💚

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  4. Sending loving thoughts to you and your family, Paul. ❤

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  5. Its true what they say…sometimes when it rains it pours. And the dang gremlins are never helpful. sorry to hear of the hard stuff Paul. Your family is on my mind too.

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