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There’s more than the clutch that’s gone – most of the working parts are missing, stripped out over fifty years or more. Whoever abandoned it wasn’t in the position to reclaim it or fix it, and unlike today’s environmental concern there was no thought to that either. This one was a home for spiders and reptiles, so it was redeemed in that sense. Plus it has given back to many a passerby in that era, a battery, rims and tyres, gear box, steering wheel, cables and more. I can’t be certain but I think the birds took the stuffing from the seating as nesting material, the door was open so the invitation was there. This shell of a former car resides at Boondie Rock between Yellowdine and Koorarawalyee along the Boorrabin National Park (and near the Koora Retreat Centre).

The clutch hopefully went to a good cause, along with everything else. I like to think of it as recycling.



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13 responses to “Clutch

  1. MNL

    Wow, you sure know how to spot an old car! The metal surrounding what used to the back window has rusted so much it has a lacelike texture so you can see the driver’s window through it. That is so cool. Someday far in the future, some archaelogist is going to come across it and think it was a special artifact for it to be singled out like that when most of the ones they have come across had been piled up together (in auto junkyards)

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    • You have a great eye for detail, I hadn’t even noticed that, wow

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      • MNL

        I think whatever we saw when we took a pic is what continues to catch our eyes when we look in the photo. But it’s like witnesses at a scene, everyone tells a different story at the same place — people see different things. I don’t miss college — it’s been aeons — but I miss class critiques in art photo class — people weren’t critical so much as pointing out what they saw and it was interesting to see how people focused on different aspects of the same image. Or you unconsciously noticed and that’s why that particular angle appealed and was posted over the (few, a dozen, a roll, a cardful — you pick) you took of the same car.

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      • Yes, we all experience it in our own way, I see how you put it as, in my own words, a mindfulness, an inner attention, but we all attend differently.

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  2. And eventually the rust will return to the soil as powdered iron ore.

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  3. Ah the old Holden a forgotten relic!

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