The Stump

What would you see in a tree stump? One where the tree had fallen in a storm, one that was in a strip of wasteland, the road verge on the edge of a rest stop on a country highway? Some people see firewood, others wood chips, a garden prop perhaps, or just a nuisance. But some see potential, some see art.


I took this photo last week on my fortnightly trip from Bunbury to Albany. The stump sits at the northern end of the rest stop right on the intersection of Albany Highway and Martagallup Road (the way to Frankland River). I spied it the trip before but was tied up in traffic and a yearning for home. This time I made time to stop and take the pic and to admire the work. I was blown away that someone would stop here and take the trouble to produce this carving, beautifying this very ordinary space, and bringing the creative dimension to every passerby. A gift to the community. More I say.



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4 responses to “The Stump

  1. What an unexpected treat to find at a rest stop.

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  2. MNL

    They just did that on the side of the road? That is so awesome! Very talented carver.

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