via Daily Prompt: Gingerly

2014-07-26 19.32.57.jpg

We walked gingerly around the lip of kings Canyon, one slip and ….! And someone did die in 2013, slipping off the edge. Heights make me dizzy at the best of times, but here it seemed more dramatic, so we stayed back. Aparently people like to be photographed sitting on the edge, of with their backs to the canyon, or leaning in, but sandstone is notorious for sheering off, and is genuinely unpredicatable. So, gingerly we skirted the edge.



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5 responses to “Gingerly

  1. I feel lightheaded just looking at the picture!

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  2. very sensible – those things fall in very unpredictable patterns, and if you consider the age of them, it’s understandable.

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