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Perhaps boiling is a technique you are familiar with, temperature up, heating source at full tilt, just get it sorted, it’s now or never. There isn’t time, there’s no option, boil, boil, boil. When I’m camping or hiking, that’s the way it is, there is time after the billy has boiled to settle, but not before. We’re aching, we’re parched, hungry, it’s getting dark, get the gas on and get the meal, get the billy sorted and all will be well. Later we can slow down.

Simmering is for home, or for times when there is space and time to relax, when finesse is required to achieve an outcome, when boiling would be detrimental and even destructive. Some things are best simmered.


Like relationships. Time out, time away, time in slow motion, time for other, time together. Relationships have times of boiling, but for the long haul need times of simmering. To be transparent, I prefer simmering to boiling. Boiling is brash, no finesse, no time. Simmering is all about relationship investment, time, other, self, passion, essence. Simmer brings out the quality, enables the liminal to envelop us, and feeling to bubble up. Simmer for the long haul.



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  1. I love this interpretation.

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