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I always think of art, and in particular Salvador Dali, when I see the word surreal. The picture is Dali’s ‘The Persistence of Memory’ 1931 (found via Bing images) a painting of soft, melting pocket watches. Dali stated that his worls were “hand painted dream photographs.” It is arguably one of his most famous works. With surrealistic works, as with all abstract work, it is really up to the viewer to venture an interpretation. Dali never made his interpretation public. The consensus so far is that it is about decay and deterioration of time. There is light and dark symbolism as well as the theme of hard and soft. What could be more surreal? Well, sometimes my life is a little surreal.



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10 responses to “Surreal

  1. Yes! Melting time and/or time melting—hardness softening.

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  2. The harder we wait for the right time, the longer the desert encroaches …

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  3. dmf

    on the to do list, checking out:

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  4. I am most inspired by Dali for his images and juxtaposition of subjects far and near. When I think surreal I think Zdzisław Beksiński. I believe his aim was in the same freeway as Dali but far more advance in feeling rather than thought.

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